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2017 in numbers

Although 2016 was hated by many, I'd like to end the year on a positive note. I'm still alive, still grateful for the people and things in my life and I feel like I'm on the right track.

People like to measure stuff. I like to measure stuff. For example, one of my favorite things just after a run is to open the data I've collected with my phone and go over it as meticulously as possible. GPS data, time, pace, incline, cadence, etc. Am I slow in this section because of the incline/pavement combo? Why did my pace drop in this section? Which shoes was I using on this particular day?

Consider this post a collection of my 2017 resolutions. Things that I'll be measuring and that I can revise on a later date. Talking about measurements, I often like to refer to Goodhart's law:

"When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure."

(Of course, that's paraphrased and the initial quote was in a financial and economic context but I'll leave the interpretation to you). At the end of the day, those are just values I'd love to reach. I won't obsess over them. That being said, here are some stuff I'd like to achieve in 2017:


The amount of kilometers I'd like to run.
A simple math makes this 5km * 3 times a week for 52 weeks or around 780km. Why not round it up to 800?

Evident by my RunKeeper profile, I've been slacking lately on the running front. I've introduced swimming to my fitness routine (it's hardly a fitness routine) but I still feel that it isn't enough. Running 5K is both quick (around 25-30 minutes) and easy to fit in my sometimes packed schedule.

Running three times a week might be too much in the beginning but hopefully, I can go down to only two, whilst increasing my sessions to 7-8K each.


The percent of my current monthly income I'd like to have in savings. When it comes to personal finances I usually don't do dumb stuff (like spending too much money for things I don't need). With some exceptions (books and games) I can control my spending habits pretty easily. Also, I've been using Toshl for 6 years now as the main finance tracker where I track both my incomes and expenses and it's been really helpful.

If I continuously put about 20% of my monthly income in savings (plus additional income from side projects) I should be able to achieve 300% of my current salary by the end of the year.


The number of dishes I'd like to cook in a year. And I'm talking about 52 different dishes (roughly 1 a week).

Eating right and eating at home has been hard lately. I hope I can fix that at least for one night a week (initially). Sometimes I really miss cooking and I'd love to explore some new recipes I've already bookmarked.


The number of posts I'd like to post in this place. Like with most projects (or side-projects), once the initial euphoria of creating something wears off, they tend to be quickly abandoned and forgotten. My goal is to write more about the things I'm currently passionate about which can vary on a week-to-week basis. Gaming, gadgets, music, movies, coffee, books, programming, design... you name it.


The number of books I'd like to read.
I acquired a Kindle recently and I'm already going through some of the books that were collecting dust on my virtual bookshelf. Most of them are technical books but I'm slowly piling up a virtual pile of worthy sci-fi.

Naturally, most of my daily reading has shifted to blogs, articles and writing prompts on Reddit (guilty pleasure), so I really want to rekindle my love for books. (See what I did there? Because, you know, Kindle! Get it?!)


The amount of weight (in kilograms) I'd like to lose.

This one is pretty straightforward. By sticking to my running plan and making some changes to my diet, I can easily lose 10kgs of fat for 2 months. But my goal is to be 5kgs lighter by the end of the year, and that's getting into account fat loss and muscle gain (I don't need muscle to program *sigh*)


The number of new (programming) languages I'd like to try. And by try I mean build something of value for me. First one would probably be Processing. I've been eyeing it for quite some time and I really like some of the things I've seen built with it.

I'd like to hear some of your own "resolutions". Do you think I should revise some of mine?