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2018 resolutions

2017 retrospective and new goals for 2018
Just a few days ago it was 2017. I had some goals for that year so let's do a quick round-up, before I continue with my resolutions for 2018.


  • Have 300% of January 2017 income saved. (True if I count cryptocurrencies)
  • Cook 52 dishes (Couldn't find a consistent way to track this but my gut and my stomach tell me I succeeded on the cooking front)

Didn't do

  • Run 800km
  • Post 48 posts here
  • Read 16 full books
  • Lose 5 kilos
  • Try 3 new programming languages

The running thing

According to my Strava profile I did around 260km of running. It's far from my 800 goal but still - a nice reality check for what I can and could do.

Blogging is hard

In the age of social media and especially Twitter, it's really hard to find nice topic to write blog posts about. I did 6 posts, so I guess that's a post every two months? On the other front I did a little over 2 million impressions on Twitter just for 2017, so I guess that went a little bit better.

Books are nice

...but the Internet is huge. According to my Goodreads profile I read 7 full books last year and currently reading 10. I was very close to my goal and I'm sure I can just bump it up for 2018.

Food is tasty

I guess I just ate more. Actually gained 5 kilos, didn't lose them :/

Programming is not that easy

I actually dabbled my feet in 2 new languages but didn't build anything of value with them, so I'm striking this as a big "Didn't do". Also started a new job, so trying out new stuff had to be halted for awhile.

Let's plan for 2018

this is not an exhaustive list, I'll add to it if something emerges on my mind

Run 520 kilometers

Exactly double the kilometers I did in 2017 (and quite less than my previous goal of 800). So I know it's doable, I just have to push it a little. (5km two times a week doesn't sound that bad.)

Read 16 books

I've recently started around 10 of those so I guess I can manage finishing 16 for the whole year.

Do a triathlon

This is a big one. There's an event in August that I'd love to attend and it also has a half-triathlon (3 disciplines, just half the distance - .75 swimming/20 bike/5 running) that I'd love to finish. I'm starting swimming lessons next week so I guess I'm serious about this.

Lose 10 kilos

The thiathlon preparation and the cut on some foods should help with this one.

Travel more

I love to travel but I'm yet to do some traveling in a foreign country alone. I've already some exciting trips lined up for 2018 but all of those are with other people and logistically they can get really hard (and expensive). Since I have a remote job now, I guess I could try and live for a week (or two) somewhere nice. (I'll count this as fulfilled if I do at least a week alone in a new country)

Be more organized

Last November I already started using a Bullet Journal for organizing my monthly/weekly/daily stuff. I'm still figuring it out but I can safely say it's working for me. It's consistent and not that demanding.