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Quick trip to Berlin

I recently came back from a quick weekend in Berlin and I decided I should share three cool must-visit places.

When you go to another country for the first time, what do you do to find out where the cool places are? You read a travel blog, ask a friend, consult the local subreddit? I did all of the above and since this was not my first time in Berlin, I'd already been to all of the "touristy" places and plazas and museums.

The noteworthy places I tried this time can be backed by niché blogs, word of mouth... and foursquare.


Apparently one of the top pizza places in Kreuzberg (and in fact in the whole city). It's one of those venues where you have to make a reservation if your party is bigger than 2 people and/or you won't arrive at an odd hour.
The menu is really straightforward - 7 or 8 Neapolitan style pizzas to choose from and several drinks. One thing is certain - you can't go wrong with your choices. The pies are baked for around 90 seconds each at around 450 degrees (Celsius) in a big wooden oven right inside of the restaurant. That means several things - hot pizza, beautifully fluffed crust with tiny blisters of burned dough from the oven and fresh melted ingredients.
I strongly recommend the margarita with buffalo mozzarella.

Nothaft + Seidel

One of those places that look like several conjoined abandoned would-be garages or small warehouses. As if one day the owner saw them, put some old tables and old wooden soviet-era styled chairs and voilá - it's a coffee shop.

Nothaft + Siedel

Don't get me wrong, I really like that place despite the odd layout and furniture in it. First of all, they serve Specialty Coffee (sourced from Bonanza Roastery) so you can always count on quality. Second - They serve breakfast all day. Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner? And last but not least - they have two dedicated Access Points (one on 5GHz) and fast internet.

Bonus points - They offer several kinds of milk for the coffee and also several vegan breakfast choices (if you swing that way).

Bonanza Roastery

Bonanza Roastery isn't a place you're likely to "stumble upon". You have to know where it is beforehand and if you often look up coffee shops in Foursquare - chances are you will.

Bonanza Roastery

Bonanza can be found in Kreuzberg on Adalbertstraße. The venue is situated in the inner court of the building and this café is one of my favorite types - It's inside of the roastery itself.

Looking past all stereotypical hipsters you may find here, this place has a lot to offer (including croissants and things to snack on). Other than most of the coffee drinks you can think of, Bonanza offers several drips from their own specialty coffee arsenal. You can also get coffee beans in various quantities. (I'm currently enjoying Dos Campos brewed via V60 - it's really good) If you have time - do the coffee tasting.

Like most coffee places in Berlin, there's a no-laptop policy here. The only place where you're allowed to have your laptop out is on the "work table" (Better than nothing!).

Any other noteworthy places I should check out on my next trip to Berlin?